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If you are living in United State, how? it is possible that you don’t know the significance of Truck Drivers. American Citizens are well aware that Truck Driving is a fascinating career due to imbalance Demand and Supply of Truck Drivers. It’s an immense absence of Truck Drivers in America. This massive shortage give attraction to low qualified individuals for starting Truck Driving as Career. 7cdldrivingschool is a well-known Truck Driving Training School in Virginia. This driving School is rendering its services since 2019.  The mission of the School is to help the students who are entering into this alluring profession and want to learn every step related to driving and road training.

Class A

Class A

Get Commercial Class A License Course for bright career

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Re-Test Class A

Re-Test Class A

Get Commercial Class A License Re-Exam and Re-Test

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Class B

Class B

Get Commercial Class B License Course for bright career

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Re-Test Class B

Re-Test Class B

Get Commercial Class B License Re-Exam and Re-Test

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A Bright Career in Weeks

At 2021 Commercial Driving School, we are the Virginia Region’s premier Commercial driving school. Our team of professionals is dedicated to creating a positive, upbeat environment where students learn the skills needed to become safer, smarter drivers. Learning to drive has never been easier, nor more convenient.

We Help Drivers of All Ages

We’re asked constantly, almost on a daily basis, if we help drivers outside of their teenage years. The answer is an absolute yes. Whether you’re new to Virginia, or have been putting off earning your driver’s license, we can help get you on the road.

We also help the people who already have a Commercial Driving License CDL, but do not feel “ready” to drive the commercial Truck in large urban areas or highways. The other category is for those who are reluctant and not have valid CDL. They want to start again.

7 CDL Driving School pick all flocks of students and deal them individually as per their required skills and techniques.  As far as our skills, experience and current law are concerned, we do our work honestly and professionally always having the safety of the driver, pedestrians and other people in our minds.

We offer also refreshment courses and trainings for commercial trucks, trailer and buses. The students get training at big-rig. Our mission is to prepare our Students drive safely and keep full control on the vehicle.

This four (04) weeks training duration includes both class course and field training. The registration of the courses can be done by online portals and the classes are conducted by virtual class room method.

Our CDL Course Process

Only in a few weeks training,

Start your Money-Spinning Career

7 CDL emphasize hands-on training, our instructors more interested to spend most of your time working behind the wheel and directly deal with big- rig. After a due research our instructors designed the training module or courses to get you on the road with the knowledge you need quickly, and you can complete them in 04 weeks. We believe on the knowledge which bring you on the driving seat very soon and turn the gear in high speed.

Instead of giving undue classroom time, we give you opportunity as your truck driving training will be done largely in the truck itself. Here, you will get ready for coming on Roads quickly.

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Questions About the Process?

Getting started on the journey towards earning your Virginia driver’s license can be confusing. Reach out to us, our experts would be glad to help walk you through the steps!

Commercial Driving License

Ask your question regarding commercial driving license course. We are here to help you.

How Can I register myself with 7 CDL?

To get registration, it is a very simple process enroll through web portal or visit our nearest location. After fulfilling simple formalities, you will get register with 7CDL Driving School.

How can a non-citizen become a Commercial truck driver in USA?

Non-US citizens need to show proof of legal presence in the United States. If you are temporary visitor, your CLP or CDL document will have the words “Non-Domicile”. At this visa you will not be eligible for a hazmat endorsement

Is Truck Driving difficult?

Any task is difficult if you think you can’t. But when you decide you can do you can achieve. Truck Driving needs patience, practice and full training. This will make it easier once you get comfortable behind the Wheel.

Can Truck Driver take Alcohol before joining duty?

Alcohol is strictly prohibited for any kind of Drivers for truck drivers too, during duty even they don’t keep alcohol in their vehicle. if a driver takes alcohol in the past four hours before duty, he or she should be removed from duty for 24 hours.

What are the requirements Commercial Drivers’ License CDL?

  1. You must be 21years old for applying CDL.
  2. Social Security Number for verification.
  3. Medical Examination Report.
  4. Pass a vision test and Knowledge test.
  5. After getting Commercial Learners; Permit (CLP) wait for 14 days.
  6. Pass Road Skill and a pre-trip inspection test. For detailed information ( link)

Can you guarantee for earning CDL after completion of my training?

Absolutely, you will get thorough training from here and will be prepared fully for achieving Commercial Drivers’ License CDL.

If I fail in 04 weeks training from 7CDL; what will happen?

Why you think you will be failure. Be positive and confident. Our instructors are well qualified and experience. They will get you train for moving you on Road quickly.

Some Facts About Us

The special training courses offered by the company include specialized in truck driving training for class A, class B and Passenger support. We have trained more then 300 successful drivers in Past 1 year.

CDL Guaranteed Pass

Successful Drivers

Why Choose Our Commercial Driving School

We are offering commercial driving course for category A and B. Register yourself to start bright career.

The courses are offered by 7cdldrivingschool covering all aspects of Truck Driving Skills and techniques.  The students learn from 7 CDL:

  • Psychological Mental activity for handling emergency Situations
  • Basic Vehicle Control Skills
  • Road Assessment
  • Pre-Trip Inspection
  • Post- Trip Inspection
  • Complete knowledge of vehicle necessary parts
  • Behind the Wheel Training
  • Safety measures

In this training program within four (04) weeks, the students will be able to learn new driving skills which will help you for your remarkable career. To be the expert in the field of driving and road assessment is very important.

Call: 703-303-5020

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We are offering commercial driving course for category A and B. Register yourself to start bright career.

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