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We are Providing CDL Driving School in Virginia. We have trained more then 300+ Students Last Year.

Welcome to CDL School in Chantilly

Are you avid to start a career in Trucking Industry? Stop thinking about obtaining or earning your Commercial Drivers’ License CDL; we do offer to achieve your dreams. We have convenient locations serving across Virginia. 7 CDL Driving School will provide you that knowledge and skills you need to be the best driver you can be.

They offer comprehensive CDL training and help students find employment after the program is completed. We hope students experience here friendly atmosphere without any pressure where they can utilize their potentials and polish their skills. This training will give you the opportunity to earn a good income while seeing the amazing States.

Why Choose our CDL School in Chantilly

7 CDL Driving School in Chantilly welcomes the students from all walks of life to apply for Truck Driving Training. Before applying, 7 CDL invites you to visit or call at your local school to discuss programs and prerequisites. Our Staff will walk you through the entire application process.

  • Experienced Instructors
  • Driving Practice
  • Licensed Training
  • Affordable Fee
  • Training in Yard
  • Flexible Schedule For Class
  • Best CDL Course in Town
  • Commercial Class A License
  • Commercial Class B License
  • Dedicated Vehicle for the lesson

Our CDL Driving Training includes:

As per requirements of CDL we designed the training module into three parts for our Class A CDL Program;

  • Classroom Lectures
  • Preparation for basic skills and pre –trip test
  • Preparation for Road Test

Ideal Learning Environment

Here the students observe an ideal learning environment for new truck drivers to develop driving skills in a commercial vehicle.

From proper class teaching to hands-on driving training, students will quickly learn their driving skills to takeoff their well-paid driving career open up wide like the highways ahead of you. If you are looking for a truck driving school in Chantilly, turn to the best at Virginia Truck Driving School. Once you get experience on the road the possibilities increase for opening new horizons for you.

There are some professions offer the benefits and flexibility that make trucking a top choice for many individuals. Due to some following reasons people are getting interest in starting a career as a Truck Driver.

  1. Huge Shortage of Truck Drivers

There is a massive shortage of Truck Drivers in United State. Now the Truck Drivers are in high demand across the country. The trucking companies calling for qualified truck drivers. This is giving the opportunities to new truck drivers to land on well-paying jobs and get perks.

  1. Easy Training Requirements

For becoming a truck driver, you need not to obtain a high degree. All you need is a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). A truck driving school will teach you the skills and knowledge, mandatory to drive a truck and pursue a career in truck driving.

  1. Travelling Opportunity

Trucking is an opportunity to see historic sights and attractions across the country. You go different places like Hoover Dam, Niagara Falls and Las Vegas and many other worth seeing sights.

  1. Job Security

Truck driving career gives the job security due to increasing demand of e-commerce business like Amazon, eBay, Walmart etc.

  1. Convenient Working Hours

If you start this career as an independent driver, you will be your own boss.

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